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Green Feathers Documentary

A Film Documenting the Story of First Peoples Peoples in the Timber Industry of the Pacific Northwest - Currently in Post Production

About Us

About The Green Feathers Documentary

The Green Feathers Documentary is the little-known story of Native American logging in the Pacific Northwest. We invite you to support our fundraising campaign as we move forward to completing this extraordinary story! Donate Now

  • Personal Stories
  • Historical Timeline
  • Logging in 19th C. Oregon
  • Impact of the Rogue River Wars
  • 20th C. Logging in Oregon

Contact Us

Contact the Green Feathers Documentary Crew


Phone: (503) 504-0770
Mobile: (503) 504-0770 0100
Fax: (000) 555 0101



c/o Shogren Consulting Group, LLC
15410 NW Oak Hills Drive
Beaverton,Oregon, USA 97006

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